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Scheduling Process

Whenever possible, MHOA schedules games on a monthly basis

Whenever possible, CTHOA schedules games on a daily basis for upcoming games 14 days in advance. On the 15th of each month, CTHOA2 will send an automated email to all officials reminding them to provide their available dates and times for the following month. This is just a monthly reminder, as it is each officials responsibility to keep their individual daily availability current and up to date.


In some cases, scheduling 14 days in advance is not possible: for example, at the beginning of each season when some leagues are still finalizing their schedules, or for tournaments. Some leagues schedule games on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Also, during the month, schedule changes are sometimes needed. This can happen when an official cancels an assignment, or when a league adds a game. In these cases, the schedulers may assign the games to an available official, or they may post games as "available".


When the schedulers post an "available" game, an email is automatically sent to all officials who are eligible for the game. Those who want the assignment can use the web site to request it. The schedulers can then assign the game to one of those who requested it.


All forms of scheduling are dependent on your submitted availability. It is to your advantage to keep your availability as accurate as possible. If your availability is restricted, you will receive fewer assignments, and you will be notified of fewer "available" games. If your availability is overly optimistic, you may find yourself having to decline assignments. Players and coaches, please note: if you have told the web site what team you play on -- in other words, if the games you play are showing up on your CTHOA2.COM calendar -- there is no need to update your availability to block out the times you are playing. We automatically assume you are not available when playing (although we will still notify you of available games during those times, just in case). You do still need to update your availability to reflect team practices and other events that don't show up on your CTHOA2.COM calendar.


When you are assigned a game, you will receive an email, and the assignment will be posted on the CTHOA2.COM web site. In addition, officials will receive a reminder email on the day before the assignment (unless they have disabled this feature). It is important that you check your email at least once every 48 hours: otherwise, you might miss a scheduled assignment. The fines for missing assignments are significant. Also, missed games can result in being offered fewer assignments. (If you are assigned a game that is less than 72 hours away, the scheduler will get your acknowledgement by phone unless he sees that you have visited the web site since the game was assigned to you.)


If you need to decline or cancel an assignment, send the scheduler an email. If the assignment is less than 72 hours away, you must also phone the scheduler and get acknowledgement from him.


Fines will apply. Watch for the automated email that shows the game has been removed from your schedule; if you don't receive it, remind the scheduler. Do not attempt to find a substitute yourself; you may not be aware of key information needed to choose a proper substitute, and it won't save you the fine in any case.


Please be aware that Dave and Marc are the only schedulers for CTHOA. If someone else "assigns" you to a CTHOA game, that assignment is not valid and you may not be paid for the game.


If an official is missing for a game in progress, someone must immediately phone the scheduler. (Often you can ask a rink employee to do that, so you don't delay the game further.) If another official is present whom CTHOA considers eligible for the game in question, that official may replace the missing official. At that point the missing official has forfeited the games; if he arrives later, it is the replacement official's choice whether to finish the game(s) or to allow the late official to take over.


If no replacement official is available, the remaining official(s) are encouraged to work the game without the missing official. (They will be paid appropriately, as long as the scheduler has been called.) If the game gets out of hand and the remaining official(s) feel that they are unable to work the game without their missing partner, they may suspend the game, but this should be done only as a last resort in extreme cases.


Working a game short-handed is never pleasant and sometimes disastrous. If your personal schedule permits, when you finish your game assignments for the day, it is good form for you to wait to see if all of the incoming officials show up for the following game. If not, and if you are eligible, you can volunteer to take a missing official's place and thereby save a fellow official from an unpleasant experience.

CTHOA schedules games based on various factors:

Eligibility: Your CTHOA rating governs the assignments that you are offered. In addition, CTHOA will avoid scheduling a youth official for a game with older players.


Availability: CTHOA schedules games based on your stated preferences for dates and times, rinks, leagues and levels. In general, the more leagues and rinks you will work, and the more available you are, the more assignments you will get.


Experience and History: CTHOA schedulers take into account your experience level and past history with particular leagues, levels, roles (2-man ref, 3-man ref, or linesman), and in some cases with particular teams. Less experienced officials are usually matched up with more experienced partners.


Reliability: Officials who cancel or miss games will receive fewer assignments.


Involvement: CTHOA attempts to schedule games each month for every active official who submits availability. This may not be possible in quiet months (i.e. between seasons), during playoffs (when only highly experienced officials are used), or for officials whose availability is very restricted.

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